About the Project

The Team

Greg Knight was the Technology Planning Manager for BlueScope Steel Research. Qualified as a Metallurgist and since then developed skills in Quality Management, Statistics, Process improvement, and Scientific Method.

He was the Research Team Leader for Stop Coal Seam Gas-Illawarra, Greg led the Submission to Wollongong Council for their Climate Change Mitigation plan facilitating a 55-page document with the help of 8 other authors available on the Renew Website LINK

To continue the mission of Zero Emissions, Greg has let the current project outlined on this website to develop an option to enable residents of the Illawarra to participate in reducing their Carbon Footprint.

Dr Neville Lockhart was Strategy and Business Development Manager for the CSIRO’s Division of Energy Technology.  He established the original Flagship Program “Energy Transformed” to address efficiency and emissions issues across the electricity generation, transport and energy end-use sectors.  

He became an early adopter of solar panels, then batteries and now the electric car.  He uses these active strategies, along with passive design, insulation, energy-efficient appliances and materials recycling to achieve sustainable living.

As a committee member for Renew Illawarra he organised guest speakers on these topics, together with Sustainable House Day and Tesla Tiny House/EV demonstrations.  He is also a volunteer for the charitable organisation CICADA (Cochlear Implant Club and Advisory Association) where he provides worldwide content and e-books for the website.


Ty Christopher, is a former General Manager, Asset Management with Endeavour Energy with over 34 years experience in the electricity supply industry. Ty developed and implemented internationally-recognised processes and results in coordinated infrastructure management, including the introduction of risk-based total asset management approaches. He led the establishment of the ‘NSW Demand Management Code of Practice’ and introduced new technology into the electricity supply industry; such as large scale battery storage, embedded generation, and digital asset management techniques. Ty is passionate about reducing customers’ energy costs and improving the carbon footprint of energy supply. 

Ty holds a B. E. in Electrical Eng (Hons), an MBA (with Distinction), and Advanced Dip. Project Management.


He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered Professional Engineer and an Honourary Professorial Fellow at the University of Wollongong.

The information contained on this website is the best representation of our research to date.
The Information is intended to present a case for Wollongong City Council to run an Options Workshop and later, a Request for Expressions of Interest for companies to present a value proposition to Wollongong Residents. This activity would be a component of the WCC Climate Change Mitigation Plan.


This website has been designed mainly as an information resource for Council Staff to implement as an action as part of the Climate Change Mitigation Plan 2020